Skin Investigation Network of Canada

skin Canada Trainee workshop

November 14, 2020 | 1:00PM - 4:30PM

Part I: Career Building workshop

Welcome & Introductions

Dr. Anie Philip, McGill University

Dr. Ivan V Litvinov, McGill University Health Centre

Academic Path: Basic Scientist

Dr. Terry Hebert, McGill University

Academic Path: Clinician Scientist

Dr. Aaron Drucker, University of Toronto

Career in Industry

Dr. Yoav Peretz,  Covance Canada

Working for the Government

Dr. Jason Turpin, Health Canada

Other Careers: Patent Law

Dr. Carmela De Luca, Bereskin and Parr Montreal

Panel Discussions/Wrap up

PartII:Patient Engagement Workshop

Welcome and Introductions

Ms. Rachael Manion

Canadian Skin Patient Alliance

Canadian Association of Psoriasis Patients

Moderated discussion on 4-5 Qs prepared

Questions from the viewers (moderated)

Wrap up

Patient Engagement Workshop

Join patients who have partnered with researchers in the past for a fireside chat as they describe what interested them in working to shape dermatological research, the different types of contributions they have made to developing studies, and what they wished researchers knew about working with patients as partners in research. This discussion will be moderated by Rachael Manion, Chair, Patient Advisory Council, Skin Investigation Network of Canada (SkIN Canada) and include a Q&A with patient research partners.

Ms. Rachael Manion 
Career Building workshop

One of the strategic aims of the Skin Investigation Network of Canada (SkIN Canada) is to foster and promote the growth of future skin researchers. The virtual trainee workshop 2020 represents a part of this aim, and will focus on the theme ‘career path’.  It features a variety of career paths available to trainees and early career investigators as indicated in the program below. In addition, trainees will be given an opportunity to join patient representatives for a fireside chat which will occur immediately following the workshop.
Dr. Anie Philip
Dr. Terry Hebert
McGill University
Dr. Aaron Drucker
University of Toronto
Dr. Yoav Peretz
Covance Canada
Dr. Jason Turpin
Health Canada
Dr. Carmela De Luca
Bereskin and Parr Montreal
Workshop videos
Panel Discussions